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2017 Summer Institute Intensive Session

Minnesota Early Intervention Summer Institute

Session 7

Due Process vs. Do Paperwork

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Why all the paperwork? Using a highly interactive, easy to understand format, participants will gain a practical and deeper understanding of the special education process.

"This was one of the best sessions I have attended. Who would have thought that this topic would lead to such a great session? The speakers were excellent; very knowledgeable and easy to listen to. The days flew by quickly! This session was highly interactive and participants shared and learned from each other. The handout booklet was wonderful and a good resource to bring back to my colleagues."

“The session exceeded my expectations and I learned many new things that will assist me in my work.”

“It was such a great asset to this session to have Compliance & Monitoring be a part of the session/discussion. Thank you for coming together in this way! Questions were addressed and clarified throughout the session - Compliance & Monitoring clarified in easy to understand ways (rather than speaking in jargon). Great session!”

Session Objectives

In this session, participants will:

  • Increase their understanding of the special education process and special education laws
  • Identify the purpose of the key activities and paperwork required for compliance
  • Recognize the value of due process for children, families, caregivers and early educators
  • Locate and utilize available resources to support their work

Intended Audience

People with responsibilities for due process

Intended Skill Level

All levels welcome


Lisa BackerLisa Backer has been with the Minnesota Department of Education as a specialist in Early Childhood Special Education since 2000, beginning as the 619 Coordinator and Part C data manager.  Lisa now supervises the Part C and Preschool Special Education system in the state.  Before joining MDE, Lisa was an early childhood special education teacher and district administrator. 


Jennifer MosesJennifer Moses has 12 years of experience in Early Childhood Special Education. She has a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Special Education and holds licensure in Early Childhood Special Education. Jennifer has worked at the Minnesota Department of Education on the ECSE team since April of 2013. She currently works with local programs on implementation of their ECSE programming.


Susanne ThomasSue Thomas started her career as an educator. After 10 years of eating all of her meals in the classroom with children, she thought it might be interesting to interact more with adults and went to law school. Practicing law made Sue long for those innocent days of working with children, so she took the next logical step and became a complaint investigator at MDE. After thirteen years of investigating complaints and with a desire to be more proactive, Sue moved to her current position with the division of Early Childhood Special Education.

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