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In-Person Trainings

CEED can customize a standard training for your site and audience. Trainings are available on the topics listed below. Follow the links for more information or request a training using the Training Services Request Form.

CLASS™ Trainings

The Assessment Training Center at CEED offers seven trainings on the Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS™).

Desired Results Developmental Profile (2015)

The Desired Results Developmental Profile is a Parent Aware recognized child assessment tool for use by family child care providers, teachers in child care centers, school districts, and special education programs for measuring child development, curriculum planning purposes, communication with parents, and monitoring child growth.

Environmental Rating Scales (ERS) Training

The purpose of the training is to help baseline staff identified by the Minnesota Department of Human Services to become familiar with the tools in order to become consultants able to work with programs to improve scores on the ITERS-R, ECERS-R, and FCCERS-R.

See more information about ERS at the Assessment Training Center program web page.

Motivational Interview Training

This introductory workshop will give a brief background of what motivational interviewing is and introduce participants to the basic principles of motivational interviewing. The workshop will also allow coaches to experience and practice practical skills and strategies to use in their work.

Reflective Practice Training

Reflective consultation involves attending to the feelings and experiences of the adults as well as those of the children because it is within these relationships where learning and change can take place. This training will integrate both theory and practice strategies in reflective consultation that is specifically geared to Parent Aware Quality Coaching.

STEEP™ (Steps Toward Effective Enjoyable Parenting™ and Seeing is Believing® (SIB) Trainings

Through home visits and group sessions, STEEP™ facilitators work alongside parents to help them understand their child’s development. Seeing is Believing® is a unique practice that helps parents increase their sensitivity and responsiveness to their babies' cues by using a filming strategy.

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