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Northside Achievement Zone (NAZ) Internal Evaluation

Minnesota’s achievement gap is consistently among the largest in the nation, with arguably the most significant effects noticed among African American students in North Minneapolis. The Northside Achievement Zone, or NAZ, is committed to reducing this gap.

The mission of NAZ is to build a culture of achievement in a geographic zone in North Minneapolis to ensure that all youth graduate from high school college-ready. NAZ will do this by partnering with schools, organizations, and families to significantly improve education and guarantee opportunities to support for children from pre-birth to college.

As part of its work, NAZ is committed to building and implementing comprehensive and coordinated evaluation systems that inform, document, and drive the continuous improvement of individual components and the overall initiative.

CEED is a partner and leader in this effort. We do the following:

  • Provide leadership in design and coordination of the overall evaluation system
  • Design and implement the internal evaluation that helps ensure use of evidence-based and best practices and monitors the effects of these practices to support continuous improvement
  • Develop qualitative and narrative evaluation approaches to help NAZ “tell the story” of its work and share its progress with the community and stakeholders
  • Contribute to NAZ’s overall efforts as members of the Management Team and other leadership committees.

CEED also provides leadership in developing educational achievement and community indicators and outcomes to measure progress and success within the NAZ initiative. 

Northside Achievement Zone (NAZ) Internal Evaluation Report: Family Engagement (November 2014)

Lynn M. Edwards, Laura M. Potter, Joseph A. Demers, and Scott R. McConnell, University of Minnesota

This report presents evaluation and documentation of Family Engagement, a NAZ Solution Plan that works toward the result:

  • Parents will increase their belief, intention, skills, and commitment to support their child(ren)'s academic development and successful path to college.

This report is a product of the NAZ Internal Evaluation Team at the University of Minnesota. The team works collaboratively with NAZ and its partners to (1) gather information about the level and fidelity of implementation of NAZ Solution Plans, and (2) report on the short-term effects of NAZ’s interventions to support its key outcomes. As part of this internal evaluation work, the Internal Evaluation Team gathers focused information for each Solution Plan at several points each year and then creates an evaluation report that directly contributes to NAZ’s results-based accountability initiative, Results NAZ.

pdf icon NAZ Internal Evaluation Report: Family Engagement (48 pages)

Northside Achievement Zone (NAZ) Analysis of Reading Assessment Data in the NAZ (Fall 2014)

Joseph A. Demers and Scott R. McConnell, University of Minnesota

This report presents information results of reading assessments NAZ-enrolled scholars completed between the fall of 2013 and fall of 2014 and specifically addresses the following questions:

  • How did scholars' reading scores change from fall 2013 to spring 2013?
  • How did scholars' reading scores change from spring to fall 2014?
  • How did scholars' reading change from fall 2013 to fall 2014?

pdf icon Analysis of Reading Assessment Data in the NAZ - Fall 2014 (6 pages)

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