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Observation Services

CEED maintains and supervises a cadre of trained, reliable observers to conduct Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS™) and/or Environmental Rating Scales (ERS) observations through the Assessment Training Center in strict accordance with the criteria established by the tool developers. These staff members have backgrounds and experiences in early care and education and have been thoroughly trained in how to observe using CLASS™ and ERS and to the highest standards of reliability in the field, which ensures that they conduct the observations in the same way each time. CEED observers are also available to co-observe with program observers to compare and discuss scores and maintain scoring consensus and adherence to the tool to maximize program understanding and professional development.

CEED observers conduct classroom observations for multiple research, evaluation, and professional development projects in Minnesota, including those required for the Parent Aware Pilot Project.

For more information on the types of observation services offered, see:

Observations include:

  1. Feedback reports.
    Feedback reports are available for individual observations that provide information to early education providers regarding strengths and recommendations for areas that could be improved.  
  2. Subscale.
    The number of cycles observed can be tailored to project needs.

Observation Fees

For metro area locations: There is no additional cost for mileage.

  • Full observation (includes long summary report): $361 per classroom plus mileage
  • Full observation (includes short summary report): $250 plus mileage
  • Full observation only (minus the report): $200 per classroom plus mileage

Request Observation Services

Complete the online CEED Service Request Form.

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