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Teachers of Color Working Group

The Teachers of Color working group engages in collective learning centered on issues of social justice in education. The group seeks to better understand how CEHD can continue to increase racial diversity both within its programs and among the faculty and staff. Over 40 people attended the meeting including faculty, advisors, staff, and representatives from C&I, student services, ICD, EdPsy, TRIO, the Dean's Office, and OTE.

Strength lives in languages

Jenna Cushing-Leubner works with teachers and multilingual youth to create learning spaces where languages bring knowledge from many places. Read more

Classroom Rage and Resistance

PhD Students, Keitha-Gail Martin-Kerr (Literacy Education) and Ezekiel Joubert III (Culture & Teaching) led a session called "Responding to Rage and Resistance in the Classroom: Lessons Learned from Critical Multicultural Educators of Color " at the National Association for Multicultural Education's 2015 Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana. Other participants included Rachel Endo (Hamline University), Norma Marrun (Duke University), and Vichet Chhuon (Culture & Teaching).