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Nimo Abdi

Assistant Professor
Ph.D. Michigan State University

Areas of Interest

Immigrants, Refugees, Islam, Urban Education, Student Identities, and Communities

 I am part of the Culture and Teaching program. My research interest explores immigrant and refugee education through lenses of experience and identity.

I engage an interdisciplinary lens in studying the intersection of race, religion, gender and class in immigrant and refugee education. In my research I draw from Postmodern and Post-positivist theories to 1) explore, and rethink about the notion of embodied experiences in the lives of immigrant/refugee youth and their families; 2) to engage social structure and condition both in the school and community and link them to immigrant/refugee youth identity development. By focusing on student voice, my research, teaching and service seek to inform school policies geared toward creating inclusive school environment for all students.

Currently, I am involved in an ongoing phenomenological study that explores 1.5 and second generation Somali immigrant youth in Columbus, Ohio.  My primary questions ask how the visibility of race and religion are negotiated in an urban school and community context by Somali youth.