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Social Justice and Equity in Education Research

Explore faculty research in social justice and equity in education

Research Faculty

David Arendale
Associate Professor David Arendale
  • Low-income, first-generation college, and historically underrepresented students in college
  • Learning technologies, social media, peer learning groups, and Universal Design for Learning
 Patricia Avery
Professor Patricia Avery
  • Political tolerance
  • Civic identity/education
  • Teacher education
Martha Bigelow
Professor Martha Bigelow
  • Second language acquisition
  • Schooling experiences of adolescent immigrant youth
  • Preservice language teacher education
  • Multicultural education
Vichet Chhuon
Assistant Professor Vichet Chhuon
  • Motivation
  • Urban Education
  • Racial and Ethnic Identities
  • Adolescent Development
  • School Connectedness
  • Immigrant Youth
  • Asian American Studies
Lesa Clarkson
Associate Professor Lesa Clarkson
  • Mathematics in urban classroom
  • Achievement disparity in mathematics
  • Culturally relevant mathematics teaching and learning
  • Teaching and learning eighth grade algebra
Sam David
Assistant Professor Sam David
  • language and literacy, ESL, bilingual education
  • CLD students in mainstream classrooms
  • translingual pedagogy
  • culturally responsive pedagogy
  • teacher learning
  • educational equity
Deborah Dillon
Professor Deborah Dillon
  • Literacy practices in education
  • Engaged reading
  • Literacy leadership and school reform
  • Qualitative research methodologies
Justin Grinage
Postdoctoral Associate Justin Grinage
  • Race and education
  • Critical whiteness studies
  • Emotion and affect in teaching and learning
  • Postcolonial theory
Kendall King
Professor Kendall King
  • Language education gap
  • Minority language learners
Amy Lee
Professor Amy Lee
  • Intercultural pedagogy
  • Critical pedagogy
  • Teacher development in higher education
  • Engaging diversity and supporting equity in undergraduate classrooms
  • Composition/writing studies
Timothy Lensmire
Professor Timothy Lensmire
  • Radical democracy
  • Critical pedagogies
  • Whiteness and white racial identities
J.B. Mayo, Jr.
Associate Professor J.B. Mayo, Jr.
  • LGBT and Queer Studies
  • Teacher education
  • Critical pedagogies
  • Multicultural education
  • Social justice
  • Intersectionality of race, gender, and sexual orientation
Bic Ngo
Professor Bic Ngo
  • Immigrant identity
  • Culturally relevant pedagogy
  • Anti-oppressive education
Marek Oziewicz
Professor Marek Oziewicz
  • Children's literature
  • Speculative fiction, especially fantasy
  • Global and multicultural books
  • Literature-based cognitive modeling for moral imagination, global citizenship, environmental awareness, and justice literacy
Cassandra Scharber
Associate Professor Cassandra Scharber
  • Literacy, power, and technology transforming teaching and learning
Susan Staats
Associate Professor Susan Staats
  • Mathematics Education
  • Ethnography of Speaking, Linguistics and Anthropology
Bhaskar Upadhyay
Associate Professor Bhaskar Upadhyay
  • Equity, social justice, and urban teacher education in STEM Education
  • Race issues in STEM Education
  • STEM Education and Food Security in the Global South
  • Anthropology of STEM Education
Mark Vagle
Professor Mark Vagle
  • Elementary Education
  • Phenomenology
  • Social Class
  • Curriculum Studies
  • Critical Theories
  • Philosophies of Education
  • Qualitative Research

Instructional Faculty

Barbara Billington
Lecturer Barbara Billington
  • Gender Equity in STEM
Jeff Henning-Smith
Teaching Specialist Jeff Henning-Smith
  • Elementary education
  • Social studies education
  • Teacher education
  • Teacher identity
  • Mentoring and teacher support
  • Critical discourse studies
  • Inquiry-based pedagogy
  • Equity and social justice orientated classrooms
  • Educational philosophy
Betsy Maloney Leaf
Lecturer Betsy Maloney Leaf
  • Dance pedagogy
  • Arts education and policy
  • Culturally relevant pedagogy
  • Social justice in education
Ann Mason
Teaching Specialist Ann Mason
  • Teacher education and teacher identity
  • Intersections among race, racism, and schooling
  • Immigrant education
  • Social justice in education
  • Social and cultural contexts of education
  • Critical qualitative research methods
Keitha-Gail Martin-Kerr
Lecturer Keitha-Gail Martin-Kerr
  • Literacy development in elementary grades
  • Literacy coaching
  • Mentoring for equity
  • Feminist methodology
  • Phenomenology
Robert Poch
Senior Fellow Robert Poch
  • Early civil rights movement in the U.S.
  • Influence of public policies on educational opportunity
Cynthia Zwicky
Lecturer Cynthia Zwicky
  • Restorative Justice
  • Equity
  • Teacher Education
  • Culturally Relevant Pedagogy
  • Social Justice in Education

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