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November 2007

Learning by Design: Games, Play, and Structuring Classroom Learning for Reflection and High Engagement.

Tuesday, November 13th, 4:00 - 5:00 p.m.

402 Walter Library, UMN-East Bank

There is a powerful connection between play, learning, and comprehension. In the course of this CRDEUL forum, Brock Dubbels will make a case for the creation of learning environments that structure play and what cognitive and behavioral processes can be observed and designed into instruction to develop complex problem solving, adaptive comprehension, and how to teach for reflection and transfer through connecting games and play to more traditional notions of education, learning, and problem solving, thus making learning in school more productive and enjoyable.

Play and Interaction are the focus of video games, and games can be used as models for designing classroom instruction. In addition to this, games can be objects for study in the classroom, as tools to make film (often called machinima), to make new games, to conduct experimentation and test hypotheses, and for new communication tools and potential new markets for new products. Along with these elements for activities for classroom instruction, Mr. Dubbels will explain the practice of teaching for transfer.

Presenter:  Brock Dubbels is a teacher in the Minneapolis Public Schools.