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CRDEUL <i>Center Points</i>.

Fall 2006
Volume 3, Issue 2

Editor’s note
CRDEUL’S Center Points will be published twice a year. If you are interested in submitting new research topics, creative ideas, or news notes, please e-mail the editor at We hope you enjoy the Premiere Edition of CRDEUL’s Center Points.

  1. Notes from the Director—Dana Britt Lundell
    Our Journey, Our Mission, and New Opportunities
  2. Featured Researcher—Heidi Barajas 
    The New Head of the New Department of Postsecondary Teaching and Learning
  3. Research Highlights—Jeanne Higbee
    Student Perceptions of Their Multicultural Learning Environment
  4. Faculty Report—David Arendale
    Using Emerging Technology to Integrate Learning Strategies within an Introductory History Course
  5. Grants and Publications—Irene Durancyzk
    Welcome our New Adviser
  6. CRDEUL in Focus—Bob Copeland
    An Exciting Time: On the Edge Between Past and Future
  7. Publications Available From CRDEUL
    Books, Monograph Series, Research Reports, Conference Proceedings
  8. Resource Corner—David Arendale
    Best and Emerging Practices in Developmental Education and Learning Assistance: An Annotated Bibliography
  9. Links