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CRDEUL <i>Center Points</i>.

Fall 2007
Volume 4, Issue 2

Editor’s note
CRDEUL’S Center Points will be published twice a year. If you are interested in submitting new research topics, creative ideas, or news notes, please e-mail the editor at We hope you enjoy the Premiere Edition of CRDEUL’s Center Points.

  1. Notes from the Interim Director—Jeanne Higbee
    Reflecting on the sunset
  2. Featured Researcher—Karen Miksch
    Legal obstacles to access and participation
  3. Research Highlights—Emily Goff and Jeanne Higbee
    CRDEUL and PASS IT collaborate on new book
  4. Parting Thoughts—Dana Lundell
  5. Faculty Report—David Arendale
    Words make a difference: the influence of language upon public perception
  6. Grants and Publications—Irene Durancyzk
    Thinking out loud: grants and publications for professional development
  7. CRDEUL in Focus—Bob Copeland
    CRDEUL faculty affiliates receive national honors
  8. Publications Available From CRDEUL
    Books, Monograph Series, Research Reports, Conference Proceedings
  9. Resource Corner—David Arendale
    Recommended podcast articles, books, PowerPoint presentations, and Web sites
  10. Links