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Newsletter of the Center for Research on Developmental Education and Urban Literacy
Spring 2008, Volume 5, Issue 1

Notes from the Interim Director
Jeanne L. Higbee
Interim Director of the Center for Research on Developmental Education and Urban Literacy

A Fond Farewell and Thank You

I have been affiliated with the Center for Research on Developmental Education and Urban Literacy (CRDEUL) since 1999 when I joined the faculty of the General College (GC). For most of those years I served as senior adviser for research. I assumed the role of interim director for this final, “sunset” year, upon the departure of Dana Lundell. It has been a difficult year; I would not be honest with myself or anyone else if I portrayed it differently.

In this last issue of CenterPoints I would like to thank all of the individuals who have supported CRDEUL over the years. If I attempt to name everyone, I fear I will miss a few, so I will not try. But I do want to express appreciation to Terry Collins, who was the GC Director of Academic Affairs at the time of CRDEUL’s founding, and former GC Dean David Taylor. I would also like to thank former CRDEUL staff member Holly Choon Hyang Pettman and graduate research assistants Juni Bannerjee-Stevens, Jennifer Kreml, Kwabena Siaka, Emily Goff (who is now the professional and administrative staff coordinator for the PASS IT project), and Jennifer Schultz, faculty advisers Irene Duranczyk and David Arendale, as well as the many professionals throughout the U.S. who have served on the CRDEUL Advisory Board. On behalf of all of us who have worked on CRDEUL publications, I thank the many authors who contributed manuscripts and the educators who reviewed these texts. We are pleased that these publications will remain available to be downloaded free of charge on the CRDEUL Web site for the foreseeable future.

Finally, I want to acknowledge the many contributions of Bob Copeland, CRDEUL program associate. For the past year Bob has been maintaining CRDEUL with little direction from me. Though, as I already mentioned, it has been a difficult year, I have known that I will remain a tenured faculty member at the University of Minnesota; I have job security. So as we close the center, and I close this column, I want to thank Bob for all of his hard work on behalf of CRDEUL and communicate my best wishes for the future.

Jeanne L. Higbee