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The Culinary Experience at UMCDC

Food + Nutrition

Nutrition is a major factor in the physical, social, mental, and emotional development of children. UMCDC offers a good opportunity to establish nutritionally sound eating habits as well as an understanding of the relationship between eating together, food, serving portions, health, and growth.

Our goal is to have a positive influence in broadening children’s food experiences while being conscious of young children’s tastes, appetites and choke-able food restrictions.

UMCDC’s cook is responsible for providing infants, toddlers, and preschoolers with a nutritious and balanced breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack. A variety of high quality, wholesome, unprocessed foods that exceed USDA’s Child and Adult Care Food Program requirements are offered. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian menus are available.

We provide infants with commercial baby food and formula containing no added sugar or salt. Breast milk may be stored and served to attendants in accordance with Minnesota DHS licensing, or mothers may prefer to come to UMCDC and nurse in the room set aside for this purpose.

Parents may purchase lunch for $3.00, if they notify the front desk no later than 9:00 am on the day of their lunch visit.

Accommodating for Special Dietary Needs

Parents of children with special dietary needs must consult with UMCDC’s cook as well as the child’s teacher regarding substitutions. Following this, a special diet statement form (available upon request from the front desk) must be completed, signed by your child’s health care provider and submitted to the cook before we can serve your child a meal substitution.

Parent requests for vegetarian or religious/cultural substitutions are accommodated to a practical degree for feeding a large population of young children within government and program guidelines. The cook decides what vegetarian alternatives for meat, poultry, or fish are to be provided.

Food Brought from Home

For medically authorized, special dietary needs, UMCDC reserves the right to require that parents provide the food substitutes from home. Due to our need to control food allergies as much as possible, this is the only situation in which food may be brought into the building.

Little girl biting into an apple slice

Toddler smiling while eating a sandwhich

Toddler licking their fingers during lunchtime