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Semantic Webs or Maps

Strategy steps for vocabulary development:

  1. Write the targeted vocabulary word in a box in the middle of the board or chart paper.
  2. Students brainstorm to identify all the words they can that relate to the target word.
  3. Write the words on the board.
  4. Next, categorize the words. Label each list with the appropriate category title; or:
    • students categorize the words and label the categories;
    • teacher supplies the category labels and the students list each word under the appropriate category;
    • teacher lists the words in the appropriate groupings and the students supply the category name.
  5. Explain how the word relates to the story or selection, or ask the students to predict how they think the word will connect to the story or selection.

If using to assess prior knowledge of the topic in the text selection:

Postreading Activity:

Study skills:

The semantic mapping strategy can be used as:

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