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Items and Administration


CBAS-R test being administered.

The C-BAS-R project brings in its own data collectors and laptop computers for data collection. We set-up the computers and have them ready for each class before they arrive. No prior training is necessary for students to participate as the C-BAS administration is automated and self-explanatory, even for younger students. Each test is comprised of a variety of items, which include directions the students can listen to through their earphones. The tests only take approximately 20 to 30 minutes per classroom to administer. A range of 6 to 8 group administrations can be completed in a six hour day (with transitions and scheduling conflicts).

Example Items

Concepts of Print

Audio: Click on the picture that shows the front of a book

Phonological Awareness

Audio: What word do these sounds make? /p/i/g/. Click on the picture of the /p/i/g/.


Audio: Click on the word “can.”

  1. can
  2. cat
  3. cup
  4. call


Audio: Choose the best answer to finish the sentence.

I had already _____ my letter, but forgot it at home.

  1. age
  2. fold
  3. wrote
  4. written


Audio: Choose the best answer.

If forcing yourself to put a smile on your face can help you actually feel happier, I wonder what happens when you try to look more thoughtful in class.  Do you ____ more?

  1. smile
  2. talk
  3. think
  4. listen

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