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About FAIP-R

The purpose of this project is to establish and disseminate an optimal set of CBM-R progress monitoring materials along with a rich context to facilitate psychometrically sound and research-based interpretations.

The Formative Assessment Instrumentation and Procedures for Reading (FAIP-R) will be made available free to the public and will be accompanied by  technical manuals and web-based graphing program, which will include empirical-based guidelines for making decisions at the individual student level. Building upon the substantial research base of CBM-R, we will accomplish the following objectives:

Objectives A: Yield FAIP-R passage-sets for 1st through 5th grades that closely approximate parallel test assumptions for progress monitoring and benchmarking and make these passage-sets available free to the public.

Objective B: Develop and evaluate reading rate and comprehension procedures to minimize error associated with growth estimates.

Objective C: Develop and evaluate monitoring procedures and schedules (longitudinal modeling).

Objective D: Develop and disseminate materials and information to cultivate the use of validated progress monitoring procedures for depicting individual student growth.

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