Welcome to the NSF Noyce Scholarship Program Evaluation Web site! The Noyce Program Evaluation seeks to partner with projects to create an evaluation that will supplement current evaluations and provide relevant and timely results on the impact of the Noyce Program.

On this Web site you will find research and data specifically related to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) teacher recruitment and retention.

The Web site includes:

  • a searchable database,
  • evaluation variables and instruments used in Noyce Projects, and
  • policy briefs about STEM Recruitment and Retention and its evaluation
  • other products produced by the evaluation effort.

Use the toolbar on the left to navigate through this Web site.

This resource is intended primarily to provide resources and assistance for Noyce Project personnel. However, the Web site is also useful for any academic researcher, administrator, policy maker, and provider interested in optimizing the effectiveness of traditional and alternative certification approaches.

We believe this Web site provides useful information for STEM educators. The literature categorization provides an efficient source for information about existing approaches. The Noyce monitoring and evaluation data provide an excellent indication of which variables were being used by existing projects. The presentations, reports, and other products provide detailed information about the Noyce program and teacher preparation in general. Together, these provide examples of the range and depth of elements of recruitment and retention programs that developers view as critical for success in the development, description and assessment of teacher certification programs. These examples are also useful for providing ideas on how others might improve their work.

This project was supported by the National Science Foundation (REC 0514884) and the University of Minnesota.