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Panayiota Kendeou


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Veronica Fleury


Dr. Veronica Fleury is an assistant professor of special education and the autism licensure and degree program coordinator at the University of Minnesota. Dr. Fleury’s research focuses on intervention for students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), with a particular emphasis on the identification and development of instructional strategies that are both effective and feasibly implemented by caregivers and teachers. She has worked on several federally funded projects focused on ASD and is a co-author on the evidence-based practice technical report published by the National Professional Development Center on ASD. Dr. Fleury is a former special education preschool teacher and has worked with children with ASD and their families for over 15 years.


Gregory Trevors headshotGregory Trevors


Dr. Gregory Trevors is a post-doctoral fellow in the psychological foundations of education program in the Department of Educational Psychology. Dr. Trevors investigates the psychosocial factors underlying learning from educational texts on controversial socio-scientific issues such as vaccinations and ASD risk factors and treatments. In particular, he examines individual differences in cognitive processes, emotions, beliefs about knowledge and knowing, and self-identity as factors relating to the success or failure of controversial knowledge revision.