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Jennifer McComas

Professor of Educational Psychology in the Special Education Program
Ph.D., The University of Iowa

Educational Psychology
347 EdSciB
56 East River Rd

Tel: 612/624-5854

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Areas of Interest

Research Interests

  • Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Behavioral Education
  • Head, Emotional Behavior Disorders Licensure/MEd Programs
  • Project director, Leadership Training to Promote Students’ Academic and Behavioral Success in Grades 3-8.” Funded by the U.S. Dept of Education and the Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services (OSERS)
  • Director, Telepresence Behavior Lab

Areas of interest

  • Functional analysis of problem behavior in educational and residential settings
  • Basic behavioral processes maintaining desirable and undesirable behavior, such as schedules of reinforcement, stimulus control, and establishing operations
  • Behavioral treatment of problem behavior based on concurrent schedules of reinforcement as well as antecedent stimuli
  • Analysis of academic performance of students with behavior problems


  • Analysis and Treatment of Problem Behavior: We are in the process of refining and applying refined assessment methods for identifying relevant functional variables related to problem behavior in an effort to specify effective individualized interventions. Methods include but are not limited to contingency space analysis and telepresence technology
  • Urban Indian Education Partnership: We are working in partnership with the Minneapolis Public Schools to identify and maintain best practices in urban Indian education for Native American youth in grades K-12


Selected Publications

  1. Chen, M., McComas, J., & Reichle, J. (2015). Brief Component Analysis to Identify the Active Variable in the Maintenance of Tolerance for Delay of Reinforcement Intervention for an Adolescent with Autism. Journal of Developmental and Physical Disabilities. 10.1007/s10882-015-9422-8

  2. Rahn, N. L., Wilson, J., Egan, A., Brandes, D., Kunkel, A., Peterson, M., & McComas, J. J. (2015). Using incremental rehearsal to teach letter sounds to English language learners. Education and Treatment of Children, 38, 71-91

  3. Simacek, J., Reichle, J., & McComas, J. (2015). Communication Intervention to Teach Requesting Through Aided AAC for Two Learners With Rett Syndrome. Journal of Developmental and Physical Disabilities. 10.1007/s10882-015-9423-7

  4. Byiers, B., Dimian, A., McComas, J. J., & Symons, F. J. (2014). Effects of positive and negative reinforcement in a concurrent operants arrangement on compliance and problem behavior. Acta de Investigacion Psicologica, 4, 1758-1772.