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Educational Psychology
250 Education Sciences Bldg
56 East River Road
Minneapolis, MN 55455
Voice: 612-624-6083

School Psychology
250 Education Sciences Bldg
56 East River Road
Minneapolis, MN
55455-0364 USA

Tel: 612-626-0367
Fax: 612-624-8241

School Psychology Student Association (SPSA)

SPSA is a student group that promotes student involvement in the program and in the field of school psychology. The group emphasizes professional development in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. SPSA has a social committee which organizes and sponsors social events for faculty and students each semester. All students in the program are invited to join SPSA.

Communications/Student Meetings Committee (i.e., Roundtable): Plans and leads monthly meetings where issues relevant to students in the school psychology program are discussed. These monthly meetings are intended to be student-driven with a high attendance of faculty members. Meetings are scheduled during allotted program time.

Brown bag committee (i.e., Brunch/Lunch and Learn): Handles planning and arrangements for guest speakers during allotted program time.

Curriculum Committee: Organizes and maintains the school psychology library and identifies additional resources that are needed for curriculum enhancement.

Social Committee: Handles all planning and arrangements for social events held by the association for faculty and students.

Equity and Diversity Committee: Coordinates regularly scheduled Diversity Dialogues, updates the program’s diversity statement on an as needed basis, assists with grant writing and recruitment efforts, and assists in developing, administering, and analyzing an annual (or bi-annual) climate survey.

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