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Lynn Englund



Room 299D McNH
1985 Buford Avenue
St Paul, MN 55108

Tel: 612-625-1790

Areas of Interest

Family education, adult growth and development, democratic education, participatory small group processes, learning circles, fields of listening, relational community


Ph.D., University of Minnesota; Family, Youth, and Community

My interests in family, youth, and community education involve attention to physical, emotional, and psychological safe "spaces" for individuals to interact and get to know each other. I am especially interested in educational processes that reliably help individuals learn to create and maintain these safe spaces so that mutual trust and respect is present and participants experience learning with and from each other's similarities and differences. I often use a learning circle (story circle) process in my teaching and work with groups to elicit stories of past experiences. The probes or questions used to ask for the stories are thoughtfully created to open up and enrich conceptual areas for discussion, to stimulate critical reflection and insight among participants, as well as to foster individual and group knowledge and action. I am interested in using story telling processes combined with self-reflection and reflective writing in the documentation of learning.

I am one of a team of instructors who developed and have taught (since 2002) a month-long residential living-learning experience off campus, Philosophy 4326—Lives Worth Living: Questions of Self, Vocation, and Community, also known as Philosophy Camp. I also assist in the instruction of a one-week professional development opportunity associated with this course for educators, artists, college and university staff, human development professionals, and retirees who share an interest in the pedagogical approach.

Classes taught

  • CI 1903—Freshman seminar, civic life and ethics: Intentional community and social change
  • CI 5900—Special topics in family, youth, and community: Learning Circles
  • CI 5900—Special topics in family, youth, and community: Reflections on family life
  • CI/FSoS 5902—Family education perspectives
  • CI 5906—Program planning in family education
  • CI 5914—Education for family communication
  • CI/FSoS 5942—Everyday experiences of families
  • CI 8902—Family, youth, and community in social, political, and economic context