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Yaliu He

Yaliu He

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Current program: Ph.D., Family Science


M.Ed., Applied Psychology - Tsinghua University, P.R. China
B.S., Early Childhood Education - Beijing Normal University, P.R. China

Research Interests

Yaliu is interested in research on family based prevention and intervention for at-risk families, including families exposed to trauma, and families of children with psychopathology. In particular, she is examining the effect of longitudinal randomized controlled trials on parent outcomes (e.g., observed parenting behaviors) and child development (e.g., internalizing symptoms).



2014 Neubeck/Maddock Scholarship Recipients

He receives Ott International Student Fellowship Fund

He presents at 2014 SRA biennial meeting

He presents at 2013 Conference for Contemplative Practices to Promote Child and Family Well-Being

Gewirtz and He present a workshop in Beijing


2015 Mary Ellen McFarland Assistantship

2015 CEHD Alumni Society Advanced Study Scholarship

2014 Early Career Investigators Summer Fellowship for Prevention Research, Center for Personalized Prevention Research

Peer-reviewed Presentations