The Environment

The Lab School is located in the lower level of the Institute of Child Development, which is one of the oldest buildings on campus. The environment has an historical feel to it, while also incorporating many modern design elements, such as large classrooms filled with natural wood furnishings and oversized windows which look out on beautiful century-old oak trees, bringing the natural world into the classroom; a central gathering space which is decorated with welcoming art work that has been created by local artists, Lab School children and their families and documentation panels depicting the exciting small group project work that is part of every classroom; a beautiful and very large natural playscape designed by Camille Calderero, local landscape architect, entitled "The One Hundred Acre Woods." Our large playground is a child’s delight featuring a water pump where children pump their own water, a rock streambed, a sand pit, a large wooden climbing structure, a small forest and a sledding hill.

Classroom 1

Classroom 2

Gym climbing

Gym tunnels

Gym outside

Outside playground

playground 4

Playground 5 Water Pump