Teacher Training

A major function of the Lab School is the training of teachers of young children. Teacher candidates are either undergraduates in the Early Childhood Education Foundations Program or graduate students in the Early Childhood Education Teacher Licensure Program. Students are typically assigned to teach with a lead teacher for 10 weeks. During this period, the lead teacher works with the students to help them develop teaching competencies. As part of their experience teacher candidates plan, implement and evaluate individual and small group activities. They are also expected to assume the responsibilities of the lead teacher for a short period of time during the term. Thus the curriculum in each classroom reflects the interests and needs of these students, as well as those of the lead teacher. It is assumed that the teacher training aspect of our program provides for innovative and enriched programming for the children enrolled. There are approximately 40 teacher candidates that work in the school each year.

Curriculum1 Kids at the painting table

Student teacher with kids in the gym