Yonghwan Chang, PhD

Assistant Professor, Sport Management
Contact Information

223A Cooke Hall

1900 University Ave. SE

Minneapolis, MN 55455

(612) 626-9282         


2017 - Present  Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota

2016 - 2017  Assistant Professor, Texas Tech University

2012 - 2016  Graduate School Fellowship, University of Florida


Dr. Chang’s research interests are sport marketing and consumer behavior, with an emphasis on three theoretical lines of inquiry: i) co-branding, ii) experiential consumption, and iii) utility maximization.


First, the primary objective of his research in the area of co-branding is to identify the complex network of brand associations stored in consumers’ memory in order to optimize desirable consumption outcomes. He connects this line of inquiry to a variety of co-branding areas such as celebrity endorsement, team sponsorship, and event management.


Second, experiential consumption highlights the hedonic and affective components of sport consumption experience. For example, by employing a combination of machine learning and Bayesian optimization techniques, he explores sport consumers’ emotional reactions manifested on social media. He expands this line of research to a variety of participation and spectator sports contexts including premium seating consumption and luxury sporting events such as Super Bowl.


The third theoretical line of inquiry is utility maximization, which prioritizes flawless normativity and rationality, as opposed to experiential consumption research. His scholarship in utility maximization thus requires advanced methodological and statistical applications for an accurate estimation of designed treatment effects.

*Completed Research Projects.


Courses Taught: KIN 5421 (Grad S Finance), KIN 5631 (Grad S Marketing), SMGT 3631 (Under S Marketing)


*Introduction Page of Dr. Chang in the All Things Kinsidered.




Ph.D. Sport Management, University of Florida
M.A. Sport Management, University of Florida
B.A. Physical Education, Seoul National University

Selected Publications
  1. Chang, Y. (in press). Spectators' emotional responses in tweets during the Super Bowl 50 game. Sport Management Review.

  2. Chang, Y. (in press). Exploring the patterns of dual attitude changes in the context of athlete endorsement: The interplay of fit, evaluative conditioning, and introspection focus. Journal of Sport Management.

  3. Chang, Y. (in press). When infamy becomes fame: The positive side of negative athlete publicity. Journal of Sport Management.

  4. Chang, Y., & Ko, Y. J. (in press). The effects of association strength on attention and product evaluation: Reconsidering endorsement effectiveness. European Journal of Marketing.

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  6. Chang, Y., Ko, Y. J., & Carlson, B. D. (in press). Implicit and explicit affective evaluations of athlete brands: The associative evaluation-emotional appraisal-intention (AEI) model of athlete endorsements. Journal of Sport Management.

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