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MITER Program

“The goal of the program is to raise the level of research and research training to better inform educational practice and improve the education of all students in K–12 educational settings.” — Mark Davison, co-director

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The Minnesota Interdisciplinary Training in Education Research (MITER) program is designed to develop education researchers whose work will place them at the forefront of research and academic endeavors worldwide. Students will pursue a research agenda that focuses on theoretical and applied questions in U.S. education. Graduates will conduct a new generation of scientific research through jobs in

“Conducting methodologically and theoretically sound research is critical if we are to have an enduring impact, both in furthering basic knowledge about learning, as well as in applying such knowledge to develop effective educational practices. MITER graduates will exit our program with a strong set of methodological skills and theoretical perspectives that will enable them to make strong contributions to educational research and practice.” — Kristen McMaster, co-director

MITER students

Students in the MITER program focus on experimental research methodology and cognitive science as applied to educational issues. Through coursework and research experiences supervised by leading scholars, MITER program students


The coursework includes a graduate major and a separate minor.


“Measurement and research methodology are important tools, but it is equally important to ground your research in sound theory. Graduate students who complete this program will be thoroughly prepared in the cognitive sciences, including cognitive psychology, educational psychology, and neuroscience.” — Paul van den Broek

MITER faculty represent many fields such as cognitive science, neuroscience, curriculum and instruction, educational psychology, child development, pediatric and adolescent medicine, psychology, public policy, and sociology.

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