Minnesota Youth Sport Research Center

The Climate of Youth Sports: Survey & Reporting Service

To help provide information to sport administrators on aspects of the existing youth sport climate, we offer a customized survey and reporting service.  Coaches and parents logon to the survey tool via the internet, and answer questions pertaining to their perceptions of the youth sport climate such as sideline behaviors, coach behaviors, athlete sportsmanship, the impact of sports on family time, and satisfaction with the sport experience. Reports can be broken down by age, sport, and gender.

This useful information can be utilized by sport administrators and youth sport boards to make policy decisions, mandate or encourage educational initiatives for coaches and parents, and in general provide an unbiased report of the current status of the youth sport climate of a community. But most of all, the report can be used to make informed decisions that improve the sport experiences for everyone—parents, coaches, and administrators, but most of all for the children and youth.

The convenient and short (no more than 15mns) survey is taken at the completion of the competitive season.  For more information, contact us at 612.626.6055 or via email at nmlavoi@umn.edu.