Minnesota Youth Sport Research Center

Minnesota PLAYS™ - Parents Learning About Youth Sport

Thousands of children enter youth sport each year through school and community-based sport programs. Youth sports can provide a positive and meaningful context for youth development and family engagement, but the quality of youth sport experiences and child outcomes are determined by adults--the coaches, administrators and parents who create, manage and influence youth sports. Parents play a critical role in providing opportunities for their children to participate in youth sports, but parents receive very little education on how to create a positive sport experience for their child-athlete.

Minnesota PLAYS™ is a cutting edge research-based educational program, driven from youth sport data collected in Minnesota communities. PLAYS™ increases the likelihood that parents and parent-coaches will create a positive climate from the outset of their child’s sport participation, and helps parents understand their role in creating healthy, family-friendly youth sport opportunities that not only benefits everyone in the community, but helps ensure all children PLAY, stay, and enjoy sports!

For more information about the Minnesota PLAYS™ program or to schedule PLAYS™ for your community, school, team or organization, contact Dr. Nicole LaVoi at 612.626.6055, nmlavoi@umn.edu.

In October 2007, Eagan Athletic Association was the first youth sport organization to implement PLAYS™