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Academic Standards and Students with Disabilities

State Web Sites for State Standards Information

These links may not reflect changes on state Web sites after 07/15/15.

If you can't find the information you are looking for from the listing below, you may look in the State's education agency Web site. Links to each state's education agency can be found at the Council of Chief State School Officers.

Alabama Courses of Study
Alaska Standards
Arizona K-12 Academic Standards
Arkansas Common Core State Standards Initiative
California Standards and Frameworks
Colorado Standards
Connecticut Click on content area
Delaware Content Standards
Florida Standards
Georgia Georgia Performance Standards
Hawaii Common Core Standards
Idaho Content Standards
Illinois Illinois Common Core Standards
Indiana Academic Standards
Iowa Standards and Benchmarks
Kansas Career Standards and Assessment Services
Kentucky Kentucky Core Academic Standards
Louisiana Common Core State Standards
Maine Learning Results. Click on the subject area of interest
Maryland Content Standards
Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks
Michigan  Common core Academic Standards
Minnesota K-12 Academic Standards
Mississippi College- and Career-Ready Standards
Missouri Learning Standards
Montana Content Standards and Instruction
Nebraska Academic Standards
Nevada Academic Standards. Scroll down to “Academic Standards”
New Hampshire College and Career Ready Standards
New Jersey Core Curriculum content Standards
New Mexico Content Standards. Scroll down to "My Standards."
New York Learning Standards
North Carolina Standard Course of Study
North Dakota Content Standards
Ohio Academic Content Standards
Oregon Content Standards
Pennsylvania Academic Standards
Rhode Island Standards. - Scroll to the bottom of the page.
South Carolina Common Core State Standards
South Dakota Content Standards
Tennessee Common Core Standards
Texas Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)
Utah Utah Core Standards
Vermont Framework of Standards and Learning Opportunities
Virginia Standards of Learning
Washington Standards of Learning
West Virginia Content Standards and Objectives (CSO's)
Wisconsin Academic Standards
Wyoming Click on "State Standards"
Department of Defense
District of Columbia Click on "Teaching and Learning" and select content area