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Comparative and International Development Education (CIDE) Dissertation Titles

Comparative and International Development Education (CIDE) Dissertation Titles

Arur, A. (2014). Producing “science/fictions” about the rural and urban poor: Community-based learning at a medical college in South India

Baxter, A. (2014). The burden of privilege: Navigating transnational space and migration dilemmas among Rwandan scholarship students in the U.S.

Dieker, B. (2014). Re-claiming an African-American narrative: Exploring transformative agency among youth adults change-agents

Figueroa, C. (2014). State of terror, states of mind: Gender, mental health and systems of care in Guatemala City

Kwauk, C. (2014). Playing for the future: Sport & the production of healthy bodies in policy and practice

Schuelka, M. (2014). Constructing disability in Bhutan: Schools, structures, policies, and global discourses

Shaw, M. (2014). Between academic oligarchy & the market: Rationalized myths of public higher education governance in Poland

Wu, X. (2014). Ethnicity, poverty, & secular schooling: Muslim Hui Students’ identity negotiations in rural China

McCleary, K. (2013). ‘Tomar decisiones es el futuro de uno’ (To make decisions is one’s future): The gendering of youth agency within two Honduran communities

O’Brien, N. (2013). Intercultural relations: Re-visioning an interdisciplinary field through the global lens of women

Smith, A. (2013). Mentoring in the moment: Influences of online cultural mentoring on in-country learning & intercultural competencies

Stafford, C. (2013). University student agency, representation, and activism: A case study of student studying English at Universite Cheikh Anta Diop (Dakar, Senegal)

International Education Dissertation Titles

Beatty, M. (2013). An analysis of factors influencing faculty engagement in internationalization at the University of Minnesota’s Schools of Nursing and Public Health

DiMaria, D. (2012). Factors affecting student affairs administrators’ views of campus services for international students at five public universities in Ohio

Elemeski, M. (2012). Decentralizing school governance: A policy analysis of partnership between parents & public middle schools in Morocco

Straffron, E. (2012). An analysis of student participation in secondary science and mathematics in IB schools outside of the U.S. and Canada

McBride, K. (2011). Fostering intercultural competence through study abroad: A gender-based analysis of individual and program factors affecting development

Pemberton, D. (2011). Cross border management education: A case study of Sasin Graduate School of Business Administration in Bangkok, Thailand

Chodl, J. (2010). The impact of student participation in AP or IB on selective college and university admissions decisions

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