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206 Burton Hall
178 Pillsbury Drive SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Fax: 612-624-3377

Undergraduate Studies:

Graduate Studies:


Video Testimonies

One of the best ways to learn more about our graduate programs is to hear from the faculty and students themselves! We’ve assembled their thoughts, insights, and advice into several videos that will not only inform you, but also let you glimpse some of the personalities that make our program what it is.

Why Choose CIDE at the University of Minnesota?

Several CIDE faculty and students share many strengths about the program that really set us apart.

What Makes CIDE Students so Remarkable?

We think our CIDE students are pretty amazing, coming from around the world to collectively make significant contributions to our program. After getting to know them through this video, we think that you'll agree.

Meet the CIDE Faculty

Get to know a little more about the CIDE faculty. How they came into the field of comparative and international education, to the central questions of their scholarship, to some of the roles they currently play in the program.

Options for Careers in the CIDE Field

CIDE graduates have many options for careers related to international development, academia, intercultural education, and more.

Involving Graduate Students

CIDE graduate students have the opportunity to participate in a longitudinal international evaluation project that explores how foundations, international NGOs, and universities partner together in order to improve youth livelihoods in communities in Eastern Africa.

CIDE Faculty Collegiality

The CIDE faculty have wonderful and positive things to say about their colleagues. They agree that the collegiality and collaboration is unique and enriching.

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International Reach

CIDE Interactive Map

Check out our interactive map to see where CIDE is working around the world.

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