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Beginning in July 2016, MESI will enter an important transition as its founder, Jean King, becomes Director Emerita and will begin three years of phased retirement. During the coming months King will continue a long-term planning process that engages MESI’s Advisory Board and other members of the evaluation community in determining the best ways to continue MESI’s core functions. During this time MESI will not be staffed to take on new evaluation projects. However, planning for the 2017 Spring Training (March 20-24, 2017) is enthusiastically underway, so mark your calendars. During this time of transition, we thank you for your continued support.

Dream JobWe post several types of jobs on this board:

  1. Unpaid evaluation positions that are fantastic opportunities.
  2. Evaluation positions in the twin cities area for novice, intermediate and professional evaluators that are not with MESI.
  3. Evaluation positions around the country and the world. One of the questions we hear a lot at MESI is, “What do evaluators do once they graduate?” These positions may be of interest to you, or they may just help you get an idea of the wide range of professional roles for evaluators.

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