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Request for Evaluation Intern for Spring Semester, 2017

For more than 65 years, Midwest Special Services, Inc. (MSS) has been dedicated to supporting adults with disabilities and their families to overcome barriers to employment and community access. MSS has a long-standing commitment to utilizing best practices and field-driven quality standards to improve services to the individuals we support.

MSS recently received grants that will allow them to repurpose their large indoor space for collaborations with local employers. They envision creating a Community Hub that will serve both people we have traditionally served as well as community members. The Community Hub will create new employment opportunities as well as training and support services for both people we serve as well as community members. As part of this grant, we need to create an evaluation to determine the success of our efforts.

Midwest has hired Strategic Consulting and Coaching (SCC) to help them evaluate our efforts. SCC will oversee the intern and provide guidance and management for the intern, who will work through the end of May. Most of the work will be done outside of MSS, but some meetings and data collection will be done at the MSS facility on Ocean Blvd in east St. Paul.

Duties of the Intern

  1. Create 2-3 Logic Models, including the Employment Program and the Internship/Certificate Program(s).
  2. Determine appropriate employment assessment tools and write a protocol for administering the assessments. Currently MSS is using several employment assessments. These may or may not be used going forward, but are a place to start.
  3. Work with MSS to determine how to track non-participants who use the Community Hub as well as participation in the supervised mobile work crews. A Participant Database will be implemented, but this will probably not happen prior to the end of 2017.
  4. Work with MSS to determine how to track assessments and participation levels before Participant Database has been implemented.
  5. Create satisfaction instruments and protocols for administering instruments. These assessments will be probably consist of both written surveys as well as interviews.

Experience Desired:

  1. Experience with logic models and their development
  2. Experience collecting data and writing procedures for data collection
  3. Experience with survey and interview development
  4. Experience with Evaluation design
  5. Experiences with employment programs and/or disabled adult communities are desirable.

A stipend of $1500 is being offered.

Please send resume or for more information please contact:

Barbara Merrill, Program Evaluator

Strategic Consulting & Coaching (SCC)

4046 Xerxes Ave South

Minneapolis, MN 55410

Phone: 612-925-2924


Michelle Dickerson, Vice-President

Midwest Special Services (MSS)

900 Ocean Street

St. Paul, MN 55106]

Phone: 651-793-4127



Extension Educator

ExtensionUMNThe University of Minnesota Extension Center for Youth Development works in partnership with communities to build engaged young people who are able to learn and lead in a global society. Using youth development methods and principles that are based on experiential learning and well-proven to result in positive youth development, we foster sustainability and resiliency by building community-wide knowledge, capacity and networks that support the healthy development of youth. We do this by:

The Extension Center for Youth Development is located on the University of Minnesota St. Paul Campus. Extension Educators work in regional offices and Program Coordinators work in county offices throughout the state.

Role Responsibilities of Extension Educator, Youth Development
This is a full-time academic professional position that provides evaluation leadership to the full range of Minnesota 4-H Youth Development and youth work practice programs with the guidance of the Evaluation Director. This work is done primarily in collaboration with Youth Development faculty and staff, both with specific teams and in strategically-selected evaluation efforts for the Extension Center for Youth Development. This position reports to an Extension program leader who reports to the Associate Dean of Youth Development and State 4-H Program Director. This position is a member of the Youth Development program evaluation team, which is led by the Evaluation Director in collaboration with the Assistant Dean of Youth Development.

This position will design, develop, and support the assessment and improvement of Youth Development programs through evaluation. In collaboration with Extension faculty, staff and community partners, this position will design, conduct, analyze and report within formative and summative evaluation projects. This position will ensure that data are available and that faculty and staff have the capacity to use the data to improve programs, promote organizational learning, and deepen program impact on critical priority issues.

Application Deadline
September 20, 2016; position will remain open until filled.

See full job description and apply online.

CDC Evaluation Fellowships

CDCThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) seeks applicants for the 2016-17 class of the CDC Evaluation Fellowship Program. This is the 6th year of this initiative, and represents a major commitment by CDC to program evaluation and program improvement. Fellows will work under the leadership of CDC’s Chief Evaluation Officer; they will be matched with CDC host programs to work on program evaluation activities for/with those programs.

Details about the Fellowship are available at the link below. Brief information is as follows:

To apply, submit the following by April 15, 2016:

  1. Brief (<200 words) info on your formal training where all or part of the focus was on program evaluation approaches, methods, techniques, etc.
  2. Essay (<450 words) on your qualifications for the Evaluation Fellowship and what you would like to get out of the Fellowship.
  3. Information on up to 3 recent evaluation projects or experiences (<150 words each).


For questions: email
Information about program evaluation at CDC
ORISE information

Graduate Student Consultants

NEMAAThe Northeast Minneapolis Arts Association (NEMAA) is looking for two graduate student consultants to provide evaluation services and support. The project’s overarching purpose is to:


Specific evaluation needs & tasks include: The specific tasks, timelines, and evaluation products will be determined in close consultation and ongoing collaboration with appropriate NEMAA staff. Products/ deliverables (depending on funding, staffing, and timeline) may include:


Timeline and pay: Work will start March, 2016 and end no later than May 31, 2016.  Two student consultants will be hired to work on this project for 65-70 hours. Maximum compensation is $1,500 per person.

To apply: Please send a current resume and statement of interest (please attach both as documents and do not embed into body of email) to  An interview with staff/leadership will be required, and they will make the final hiring decision.

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