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Administrative Licensure: Frequently Asked Questions

Credit and course requirements
Application materials
Tuition and fees
Registration and classes
University Internet and email accounts
Review panels

Credit and Course Requirements

How many credits do I need to complete the program?
For the K-12 principal, superintendent, and director of special education licenses, state regulations require that you accrue a total of 60 semester or 90 quarter credits beyond the bachelor's degree. This total includes those credits received from a master's, specialist, or doctorate degree. For students accepted into the PK-12 Administration Certificate program Fall 2008 or later, 23-24 credits through the University of Minnesota are required for each license.

For the director of community education license, state regulations require that you complete 20 semester or 30 quarter graduate-level credits beyond the bachelor's degree. To earn the PK-12 Administration Certificate while pursuing licensure as a director of community education you are required to earn 24 credits through the University of Minnesota.

What classes do I have to take?
See the program requirements page for a complete list of the courses required for the PK-12 Administration Certificate program.

Is there a non-certificate option for licensure?
A non-certificate option is available to you if you can answer "yes" to one of the following questions:

Under this option candidates must complete a minimum of 6 credits through the University of Minnesota as well as other requirements as specified. Additional credits will be determined after your adviser reviews your transcripts.

I want to work on a K-12 principal license. What kind of field experience do I need in order to receive endorsement?
Since a K-12 principal license covers elementary, middle, and high school, you must gain administrative experience at all three levels at the following ratio: a minimum of 240 hours at the level at which you plan to practice and a minimum of 40 hours each at the other two levels. At the level of intended practice, the field experience is a hands-on experience with active participation. At the other two levels, the field experience is usually observation and research.

Application Materials

What application forms do I fill out?
Application is now completed online - see instructions.

Are there any additional materials I need to submit?
An application supplement, a 1-2 page essay, and transcripts showing the coursework you have completed beyond your bachelor's degree will need to be submitted in the online application.

The uploaded transcripts need not be official for us to review initially. If you are admitted, you must submit official transcripts before you enroll at the U of M. To be considered official, the transcripts must be sent directly to the Graduate School Admissions Office from the institution. Send all transcripts to:

Can I apply for financial aid?
Federal financial aid is not available for students in the PK-12 Administration Certificate program. Contact the Office of Student Finances at 612-624-1111 for information about other financial aid options.

Scholarship information is also available at the CEHD website.

Tuition and Fees

For current tuition rates, see the CEHD tuition and fees website. Tuition rates are determined annually by the University of Minnesota Board of Regents before fall semester.

Residents of Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Manitoba may be eligible for special tuition reciprocity rates comparable to Minnesota resident rates. More information is available at One Stop's Reciprocity Information website.

Registration and Classes

How do I register?
Once you are admitted to the program you will register for courses online. Please see course registration procedures for detailed instructions regarding registration.

How do I find out what courses are being offered, and whether or not a course I want has been cancelled?
Our program's website contains the most up-to-date information on our classes. If we cancel a class, we will remove it from the website and inform the students currently registered for that class. It is also removed from the One Stop Class Schedule site. Note that this only occurs due to low enrollment, and we notify students as far in advance as possible.

I'm registering close to the time my class starts. Am I going to be able to get into the class I want?
In cases where enrollment has been too large for one section, a second section is usually added. Therefore, it would be unusual that a course would not be available.

I'm registering on the first night of class or after its start date. Am I going to be assessed a late fee?
Yes. The office of Student Services will not cancel those late fees for any reason less than exceptional circumstances. You must register on time.

I'm registering online, and I received a message saying that I need a course permission number or departmental approval in order to register. What does this mean, and where do I get it?
Certain courses at the University require instructor or departmental approval before you can register. The only class in our program that requires the instructor's permission is OLPD 5396—Field Experience in Educational Administration. It is a restricted course that is open only to students formally enrolled in the licensure program who have submitted the pre-assessment. Contact Diane Boatman at 612-625-9087 or to request a course permission number for this class.

I'm going to enroll online for classes that don't start until after the first week of the semester. Is there a complication to registering for such classes?
Yes. If you try to register online after the first week of the semester for any classes that start later in the semester, the registration system will ask you for course permission numbers for all courses. Please contact Diane Boatman for permission to register.

University Internet and Email Accounts

How do I get a University of Minnesota internet and email account?
Once you are accepted into the licensure program you will receive a student ID number. This number will allow you to activate your Internet and email account at Once your University email is activated, you will have online access to your academic and financial records.

I already have an email account that I use regularly. Why do I need another one?
The University-assigned student email account is the University's official means of communication with all students. You are responsible for all information sent to you via this email account.

If you do not plan on checking your University account you can forward messages to another account. Refer to the instructions on the Internet account management page.

Review Panels

What happens during the pre-panel session? Who do I contact to schedule my pre-panel?
During your pre-panel session your adviser prepares you for your panel and reviews the paperwork that you must compile and complete prior to endorsement to the state.

Your pre-panel adviser will be assigned once you have scheduled your review panel. Your pre-panel adviser will contact you to schedule your pre-panel.

When should I schedule my review panel?
We recommend that you schedule four to six months in advance. Panels are scheduled two days per month between September and February. From March through mid-May and from late June through July we schedule panels once per week. We avoid scheduling panels in August because school administrators are busy preparing for the upcoming school year and are not available to sit on panels.

How do I set up a date for my review panel?
Contact Diane Boatman at 612-625-9087 or

I have an incomplete on my record. Can I have my review panel anyway?
No. The licensure review panel is intended to be your last step before being endorsed for licensure. Consequently, we expect you to have all of your coursework completed before standing before the panel—including all of your field experience projects. All of your courses and projects must be completed and final grades posted on your transcript at least two weeks prior to your panel or it will be cancelled.

What happens if I postpone my scheduled review panel?
We will reschedule you as we can. Sometimes it is difficult to find an alternative time slot between the months of March and July.

Effective September 2013, you will be charged a $125.00 late fee if you cancel or reschedule your panel with less than two weeks notice.

Who will be on my review panel?
The review panel will consist of one facilitator representing the University of Minnesota and two or three administrators from the Twin Cities or Greater Minnesota area. All of our panelists have considerable experience in the areas in which they are licensed and one or more of these individuals will hold a license in the area you are pursuing licensure.

Revised December 29, 2015

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