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Administrative Licensure Portfolio

Your eFolio allows you to showcase and reflect on the skills and knowledge you have gained as a student and an educator. OLPD 5386—Leadership Portfolio Seminar will introduce you to eFolioMN and guide you in creating an effective electronic portfolio. As you progress through the administrative licensure program you will continue to develop your eFolio with exhibits from your courses and field experience. The final step of your program is a review panel where you will present your eFolio to seasoned school administrators and representatives from the University of Minnesota.

But don’t retire your eFolio after you earn your license! Continue to update it and it will be a valuable tool as you move through your career.

Portfolio Development

  1. Compile examples for the behaviors identified in each of the competencies.
  2. Complete the reflection sheet [PDF] to describe, analyze and assess the leadership represented by each example or cluster of like examples.
  3. Analyze all the examples gathered in step 1 considering the connection between the task and the competencies described on the reflection sheets in step 2. Determine which competency areas are underdeveloped or simply not represented in your portfolio examples. Create a plan for completing your portfolio based on the holes identified as a result of this process.
  4. Assemble the portfolio.

Assemble the Electronic Portfolio

  1. Create your e-Folio Minnesota site [PDF]
  2. Add portfolio content
    • Select the best of the examples collected for each competency.
    • The reflection sheet must accompany each exhibit including field experiences as well as related coursework and continuing education.
    • In the first section of the portfolio include:
      • License portfolio and evaluation form
      • Table of contents
      • Resume
      • A summary of your beliefs and attitudes as an administrator
      • Transcripts
    • The main body of the portfolio contains the artifacts and reflection sheet for each.
    • End your portfolio with your vita.
  3. Use the Help features built into FolioMN (
    • Take an interactive tour of the eFolio process
    • Call 1-877-348-0502 or submit an email request
    • Search the help index from the site administrator view

Length of Portfolio

Comprehensive but succinct are the parameters to follow. If your portfolio is too lengthy the reviewer may not read it carefully.

Portfolio Content

Why Include my belief statements? What should I include?

Your belief statements provide the foundation for the reflections you include in your portfolio. Understanding and articulating your beliefs is a key to professional satisfaction and can help you determine if you are a good fit for a particular school or district.

Brown and Irby* suggest seven components in creating one's leadership framework:

  1. Philosophy of education
  2. Philosophy of leadership
  3. Vision of learners
  4. Vision of teachers
  5. Vision for the organization
    • Climate
    • Community
    • Collaboration
    • Communication
  6. Vision for professional growth
  7. Method of vision attainment
    • Decision making
    • Encouragement, initiation, and facilitation of change
    • Support during change

What is the difference between a resume and a vita?

The resume includes your personal objective, certification, education, experiences, and areas of concentration or strength.

A vita presents, at length, details of your professional career.

Excellent Sources

*Brown, Genevieve, & Irby, Beverly J., The Principal Portfolio, 2nd Edition. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press, Inc., 2001.

National Policy Board for Educational Administration. Principals for our Changing Schools. Lancaster, PA: Technomic Publishing Company, Inc., 1993. (Available online at

Revised October 2011

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