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Administrative Licensure
Course Registration Procedures

This page contains information for new and continuing students who plan to register for administrative licensure courses.

For the most up-to-date course schedule and registration deadlines, see One Stop. Note that administrative licensure courses differ from most classes at the University of Minnesota in that our courses often begin later and end earlier than the fifteen-week courses offered at the University.

You must enroll in classes prior to the first day of class or you will be assessed a late fee.

Registration for New Students

If you want to take a licensure course before being accepted into the administrative licensure program, register as a non-degree seeking student.

Online Registration for Continuing Students

Once you have been admitted to the administrative licensure program, you will be able to register online for classes. Doing so enables you to register, verify enrollment, and drop courses as long as you complete this process before the end of the first week of the appropriate semester. If you try to register during the second week of a semester, the online registration system will require a course permission number in addition to the usual course information. Please contact Diane Boatman at or 612-625-9087 to request a permission number.

One Stop provides access to the registration system. It also provides a number of other useful services, such as viewing and printing course enrollments, viewing holds on your student record, viewing student billing, viewing grades, and updating your address and phone number when you move.

Prior to Online Registration

Make sure that you have all necessary identifying information about the courses you plan to take. The most current course schedule is available at One Stop. For each class you will need a different subject, course, section, and class number. For example, you decide to take Student Activity Programs, OLPD 5080, Section 5, #30380. The subject is OLPD. The course number is 5080. The section number is 5 (or 05 or 005). The class (call) number is 30380. If any information is incorrect, you could be enrolled in and billed for the wrong class.

Contact Diane Boatman at or 612-625-9087 if you have any questions about registering for licensure courses.

Online Registration

You will need your University of Minnesota internet ID and password to register online. Check One Stop for online registration instructions, including a tutorial, and other registration related information.

If you have registered as a non-degree student in a previous semester but find yourself deactivated when you try to register online, please contact Diane Boatman at or 612-625-9087.

Revised October 2010

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