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206 Burton Hall
178 Pillsbury Drive SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Fax: 612-624-3377

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Recent International Education Dissertations

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Lehn, Tiffany (2016). Academic mobility: The transnational flow of U.S. academic staff to higher education institutions in countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council

Vaught, Crystal (2016). The internationalization of K-12 education: A case study of an international school in the Asia-Pacific region

Farah, Leila (2015). Somali parental involvement in education. A case study of two urban schools in the U.S.

O’Brian, Mary Katherine (2015). Factors influencing the academic engagement of upper division international students: A case study of the University of Minnesota—Twin Cities

Jones, Thomas (2014). Academic staff views of higher education quality in Somaliland

Kelly, Brian (2014). Factors that influence teacher retention in United States accredited schools in Colombia

Beatty, M. (2013). An analysis of factors influencing faculty engagement in internationalization at the University of Minnesota’s Schools of Nursing and Public Health

DiMaria, D. (2012). Factors affecting student affairs administrators’ views of campus services for international students at five public universities in Ohio

Elemeski, M. (2012). Decentralizing school governance: A policy analysis of partnership between parents and public middle schools in Morocco

Straffron, E. (2012). An analysis of student participation in secondary science and mathematics in IB schools outside of the U.S. and Canada

Hudson, Norma (2011). Characteristics of principal leadership influencing school culture

McBride, K. (2011). Fostering intercultural competence through study abroad: A gender-based analysis of individual and program factors affecting development

Pemberton, D. (2011). Cross border management education: A case study of Sasin Graduate School of Business Administration in Bangkok, Thailand

Chodl, J. (2010). The impact of student participation in AP or IB on selective college and university admissions decisions


For further information on this program, contact:

Dr. Christopher Johnstone
Phone: 612-625-2505
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