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OLPD Ph.D. CIDE Track: Leadership for Intercultural and International Education (LIIE) Program

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it typically take for students to complete this Ph.D. program?
Students engage in three years of coursework. Students then typically take 1-2 years to complete their dissertation. Faculty work with students to develop a scholarly dissertation throughout the program. Students participate in a dissertation seminar offered each summer session and each academic year semester.

How many credits do students usually take during the summer session and academic year?
The number of courses and credits varies from 9-10 credits during the summer session and 4-5 credits fall and spring semesters (one three credit course and the 1 or 2 credit dissertation seminar).

What time during the summer are the courses offered on campus for the cohort?
The Summer Session for the LIIE Ph.D. cohort typically begins the last week in June and extends through the first 2 weeks in July.

How much does this Ph.D. program cost?
The University of Minnesota has a banded tuition rate for 6-13 credits. We try to offer as many courses within the band as is relevant for effective teaching and learning. The University offers online courses and dissertation credits at the resident rate. For further information on program tuition and related costs, we suggest you contact Dr. Christopher Johnstone or Dr. Deanne Magnusson.

Where do students usually stay during the summer sessions?
We provide students with a list of housing options. Many stay at Yudof Hall in studio apartments. Yudof Hall is located on campus. We provide students with a list of housing options. See summer school housing information.

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For further information on this program, contact:

Christopher Johnstone
Phone: 612-625-2505
Skype: cjjohnstone1

Revised September 15, 2017