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Rebecca Ropers-Huilman

Professor; Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Affairs

110 Morrill Hall
100 Church St SE


Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison, educational administration, higher education concentration
M.S., University of Wisconsin-Madison, educational administration, higher education concentration
B.A., University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, psychology and German


Areas of Interest

Equity-oriented change
Race and gender in higher education
International higher education
Feminist education
Qualitative research methods


My scholarly inquiry contributes primarily to the fields of higher education and women's and gender studies. I am passionately interested in how we create educational environments that are accessible to, nurturing of, and reliant upon people in our diverse communities. I have had the opportunities to both study and put into practice what I have learned at Louisiana State University and at the University of Minnesota, through research, teaching, and leadership/service at the program, department, and university levels. Most recently, I served as the Chair of Faculty Governance at the University of Minnesota.

Based on my professional and personal experiences, I believe that educators have a responsibility to foster empowering environments that are informed by participants’ diverse life experiences, perspectives, intentions, opportunities, and paradigms. I hope to facilitate teaching and learning, as well as foster contributions to a common social good, through a scholarly agenda that focuses on equity-oriented change in higher education, both in the United States and around the globe. In my scholarship, I foreground the social role of higher education in creating inclusive and engaged communities. I welcome opportunities to work with students, colleagues, administrators, and other community members who share these interests.

Selected Honors

  • Chair, Faculty Consultative Committee (2014-15), Member (2012-16)
  • Educational Leadership Award, College of Education and Human Development, University of Minnesota (2015)
  • Fulbright-Klagenfurt Visiting Professor in Higher Education Research (2014)
  • Outstanding Academic Advising Award, Graduate and Professional Student Association, University of Minnesota (2012)
  • Academic Leadership Fellow, Committee on Institutional Collaboration (CIC) (2010-2011)
  • J. Franklin Bayhi Endowed Professorship, Louisiana State University (2007)
  • Distinguished Faculty Teaching Award, Louisiana State University Foundation (2007)
  • Distinguished Faculty Award, Louisiana State University (2006)
  • Dissertation of the Year Award, American Educational Research Association (AERA): Research on Women in Education (1997)
  • Finalist and Cited for Excellence, Dissertation of the Year Award, Association for the Study of Higher Education (ASHE) (1996)

Selected Publications

  1. Locher, H. & Ropers-Huilman, R. (2015). Wearing you down: The influence of racial battle fatigue on academic freedom for faculty of color. In K. Fasching-Varner, K. A. Albert, R. W. Mitchell, & C. Allen (Eds.), Racial battle fatigue in higher education: Exposing the myth of post-racial America  (pp. 113-124). Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield.

  2. Thomas-Card, T. & Ropers-Huilman, R. (2014). Heteronormativity fractured and fused: Exploring the college experiences of multiple marginalized LGBT students. In D. Mitchell (Ed.) Intersectionality in higher education: Theory, research, & praxis (pp. 78-87). New York: Peter Lang.

  3. Enke, K. A. E., Winters, K. T., & Ropers-Huilman, R. (2013). Creating my own story: Catholic women’s college students narrating their lives. Journal of College Student Development, 54(5), 481-496.

  4. Ropers-Huilman, R. (2013). Engaging whiteness in higher education. In L. M. Landreman (Ed.), The art of effective facilitation: Reflections from social justice educators (pp. 81-100). Sterling, VA: Stylus.

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