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206 Burton Hall
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Minneapolis, MN 55455

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Sehoon Kim

Assistant Professor

Room 325 BuH

178 Pillsbury Dr SE

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Ph.D., Texas A&M University, human resource development
M.A., Korea University, adult and life-long education
B.A., Korea University, education


Areas of Interest

Employee Well-Being
Talent Development
Evaluation and Assessment
International Human Resource Development


My professional goal is to build theories and frameworks that best apply to HRD phenomena. My research agenda relies on a human development perspective and focuses on issues that result in positive states for employees, how organizations set themselves up to increase their human capital, and how non-western contexts and practices differ from those in the west. As a junior researcher who is seeking a comprehensive understanding of HRD, I am flexible about the research topics included in my research interests: they may expand, narrow in focus, or combine.

I have several years of professional field experience that reflects a commitment to individual and organizational development in South Korea. Previously, I worked for two global corporations and a university leadership center focusing on HRD strategies, employee training, and competency development. Additionally, I have done HR consulting and contract projects for a number of organizations in Korea and the U.S.

My scholarly interests and prior field experiences inspire my teaching in the classroom. Based on an experiential learning perspective, my teaching emphasizes applications of knowledge, understanding of real world problems, and learning motivation. I have taught several HRD and business courses for both undergraduate and graduate students, including organization development, business analytics, international human resources, quantitative research methods, managing human resources, and diversity management.


  • Cutting Edge Award, Academy of Human Resource Development (2016)
  • Best Research Paper, European Journal of Training and Development (2015)
  • Esworthy Malcolm S. Knowles Dissertation of the Year Award, First Runner-Up, Academy of Human Resource Development (2015)

Professional Affiliations

Selected Publications

  1. Kim, S. & Han, S. (2017). Talent flow: International graduate students’ career decision after graduation. In Dirani, K. M., Nafukho, F. & Irby, B. (Eds.), Global issues and talent development. Charlotte, NC: Information Age.

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