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206 Burton Hall
178 Pillsbury Drive SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Fax: 612-624-3377

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Walter Novillo

Teaching Specialist

178 Pillsbury Dr SE
Room 250A Burton Hall


J.D., William Mitchell College of Law
M.A., Hubert H. Humphrey School of Public Affairs, University of Minnesota, policy analysis, economic development
M.B.A., and M.I.M., Opus College of Business, University of Saint Thomas, finance, international management
B.A., University of Minnesota, political science, international relations


Areas of Interest

Adult education
Public policy
Blended learning
Marketing education


My education background is in business, public administration, and law. I am interested in adult education, issues of equal opportunity, alternative dispute resolution, and marketing. I have created innovating programs to effectively increase access and success of urban youth into postsecondary programs and have done research on adult learning and the use of communication technologies. 

I currently teach human resource development and business and marketing education courses to undergraduate students. In my courses, I contribute to the social, academic, and emotional development of students by facilitating critical thinking and promoting a high level of achievement.


  • Effects of nonviolent legal fines on poverty
  • Marketing of food products, childhood obesity, and educational achievement
  • Lived experiences of urban youth during their transition thru educational systems

Professional Affiliations

Selected Publications

  1. McAlpine, D., Egal, M., Pergament, S., Novillo, W., & Yang, K. (2014). Barriers to early identification and access to services for children with autism: Experiences of Somali, Hmong, and Latino families in Minnesota. LEND Brief ASD and Culture (24-30). Retrieved from

  2. Arboleda, M. Call, K., Chang, X. G., Egal, M., McAlpine, D., Novillo, W., Pergament, S., & Yang, M. K. (2014). A qualitative study of families of children with autism in the Somali community: Comparing the experiences of immigrant groups. Minnesota Department of Health: Report to the Minnesota Legislature. Retrieved from

  3. Valentine, J. C., Hirschy, A., S., Bremer, C., Novillo, W., Castellano, M., & Banister, A. (2011). Keeping at-risk students in school: A systematic review of college retention programs. Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, 33(2), 214-234. doi: 10.3102/0162373711398126

  4. Valentine, J. C., Hirschy, A., S., Bremer, C., Novillo, W., Castellano, M., & Banister, A. (2009). Systematic reviews of research: Postsecondary transitions - Identifying effective models and practices. University of Louisville: National Research Center on Career and Technical Education. Retrieved from

  5. Agbo B., Amenumey F., Novillo, W., & Littleton D. (2008). Civic or national service: A comparative review of four countries. WHRE Student Research Conference, University of Minnesota

  6. Matsunaga, S., Novillo, W., & Fulton, W. (2002). Traffic fines and poverty. Saint Paul, MN: Legal Scholarship for Equal Justice, Minnesota Justice Foundation. Retrieved from

  7. Updated March 2015