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Michael Stebleton

Associate Professor

178 Pillsbury Dr SE
253 Burton Hall


Office Hours:
Spring 2016: Tuesdays 3:30-4:30 pm (or by appointment)

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Ph.D., University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, work, community, family education (WCFE), emphasis on adult education
M.A., University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, counseling and student personnel psychology (CSPP)
B.A. summa cum honors, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, child psychology


Areas of Interest

College student development
Career development theory and practice
Student engagement issues
First-year student success
Multicultural college students issues including persistence and retention
Focus on first-generation and immigrant college students


Dr. Stebleton teaches both undergrads and grads with over 25 years of experience at a range of college and universities, including three plus years at Inver Hills Community College (where he served on the counseling faculty). He has worked in academic advising for approximately nine years (at the University of Minnesota-TC College of Liberal Arts and at Metropolitan State University). At Metropolitan State University, many of his students were adult, non-traditional, students of color. During this time, he worked as an adjunct faculty member teaching courses in Human Services and Career-Life planning.

His current research interests on college student engagement and success issues, with a focus on historically underserved students (including recent immigrant students). More specifically, he is analyzing issues related to sense of belonging and satisfaction of students who attend large, public universities. Furthermore, he is interested in the influence of high-impact educational practices (such as first-year experiences and learning communities) on the engagement of undergraduates.

Professional Affiliations

Courses Taught

  • EDHD 1525W—First Year Inquiry: Multidisciplinary Ways of Knowing
  • OLPD 5712—Multicultural Theories of College Student Development Applied to Teaching and Learning
  • OLPD 5796—Supervised Practicum in Multicultural Postsecondary Teaching and Learning
  • In May 2015, I led a group of 24 undergraduates to Denmark and Sweden on a global seminar entitled "Examining the Good Life"

Selected Publications

  1. Jehangir, R. R., Stebleton, M. J., & Deenanath, V. (2015). An exploration of intersecting identities of first-generation, low-income college students (Research Report No. 5). Columbia, SC: University of South Carolina, National Resource Center for The First-Year Experience and Students in Transition. 

  2. Stebleton, M. J., & Aleixo, M. B. (2015). Examining undocumented Latino/a student interactions with faculty and institutional agents. Journal of Hispanic Higher Education. 14(3), 256-273. doi: 10.1177/1538192715574097

  3. Stebleton, M. J., & Aleixo, M. B. (in press). Black African immigrant college students' perceptions of belonging at a Predominately White Institution (PWI). Journal of The First-Year Experience & Students in Transition (Vol. 28.1, April 2016).

  4. Stebleton, M. J. (2015). Challenging students to become reasonable adventurers: A view from the canal. Manuscript submitted for publication.

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Selected Presentations

  1. Stebleton, M. J., DeAngelo, L., Aleixo, M., & Schuster, M. (2015, March). Facilitating belonging: Immigrant students and the impact of faculty and institutional agent interactions on sense of belonging. Paper presented at the annual meeting of NASPA, New Orleans, LA.

  2. DeAngelo, L., Ramirez, J. J., Stebleton, M., & Lightner, Q. (2014, November). Building Educational Success: The Influence of Family and Aspirational Capital on the Academic Resiliency of Foreign-born Immigrant Latino/a College Students. Poster presented at the annual meeting of the Association for the Study of Higher Education (ASHE), Washington, DC.

  3. Stebleton, M. J., & DeAngelo, L. (2014, March). In search of belonging: Exploring immigrant college students' experiences at large, 4-year universities. Session presented at NASPA National Conference, Baltimore, MD.

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