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Richard BamattreRichard Bamattre

Doctoral Student

Previous Education

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My interest in Comparative and International Education was sparked by a background in non-traditional education and five years of experience teaching at an alternative elementary and middle school. I had the chance to study the subject formally at UCLA, where I obtained a M.A. in Comparative Education with an emphasis on Cultural Studies; while studying, I had the opportunity to engage with the work of Paulo Freire, whose book Pedagogy of the Oppressed had initially motivated me to pursue graduate study in education. After obtaining my degree, I served as an education volunteer for the Peace Corps in rural Zambia, working with local primary and basic schools and facilitating teacher workshops in learner-centered methodologies, as well as collaborating with community schools.

One of the threads in my work is an interest in what constitutes “alternative” schools in a variety of settings—from radical democratic schools of the 1960s in the United States and the U.K., to home-based learning, to community schools in Zambia—and how institutions interact with government schools and education policy. I’m also interested in applying postcolonial theory to the field of education, and evaluating NGO collaboration with Ministries of Education.

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