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Daniel KozaDaniel Koza

Master's Student
Expected Graduation: 2016
Hometown: Portland, Oregon

Previous Education

Areas of Interest


I’ve been invested in exploring education as a field of interest prior to being awarded my Bachelors in biology from Oregon State University in 2006. Having studied abroad in Auckland, New Zealand in 2005, I became enamored with international and intercultural education, and had initially set my sights on a post-baccalaureate degree in education. Before completing my post-bacc, I elected to apply for and accept an assignment to serve in the United States Peace Corps in Uganda, teaching biology at a teacher-training institute. Extending my service for a third year, I worked in the capital Kampala, supporting the education sector with site development and overhauling training methodology for new incoming volunteers.

After nearly three and a half years in the Peace Corps, I returned to Portland, Oregon where I began working as a Professional Student Success Coach with InsideTrack, Inc, collaborating with undergraduate students pursuing their degrees online.

Now at the U, I’m excited to further my interest in education with a much greater emphasis on: equity in international education; strengthening the balance between formal, informal, and non-formal education, and being part of the conversation and implementing body of improved international education policy.

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