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Amy PekolAmy Pekol

Doctoral Student
Expected Graduation: 2015
Home State: Wisconsin

Previous Education

Areas of Interest


While originally from Wisconsin, I have lived and worked in Washington, DC, Latin America, Europe, and Asia. I'm fluent in Spanish and speak basic French and Turkish, and have over eight years of experience in international and intercultural education working within NGOs, public K-12 schools, and higher education.

I never expected to do my Ph.D. in comparative and international development education (CIDE) in the Midwest, but the program and faculty here at Minnesota drew me here and I can't imagine doing this journey anywhere else. I am incredibly grateful for the many opportunities to gain hands-on experience working on development projects under the guidance of UMN faculty. In addition to my studies, I am currently involved with the MasterCard Foundation's Learn, Earn, and Save Initiative in East Africa and the USAID-funded RESPOND Project in Central and Eastern Africa and Southeast Asia.

Dissertation Topic

My current research focuses on complex international development partnerships often involving governments, universities, foundations, and civil society organizations. My dissertation examines Turkey's emerging aid programs and partnerships in Africa in parallel with its expanding foreign policy interests, and in particular, its "Opening up to Africa Policy."


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