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Aryn BaxterAryn Baxter, Ph.D.

Graduated: 2014
Hometown: Silver Springs, New York

Previous Education

Areas of Interest


Aryn Baxter is an Assistant Research Professor within the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College’s Center for the Advanced Study of Global Education and Director of the MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program at Arizona State University. Her professional practice and research interests lie at the intersection of international education and socioeconomic development. As a scholarship program director, she leads a team that selects and supports the transitions and leadership development of 120 undergraduate students from across sub-Saharan Africa. As a scholar, she examines the transnational experiences of mobile students and explores the transformative potential and limitations of international scholarship programs. While pursuing her doctorate in comparative and international development education from the University of Minnesota, Aryn served as a lead Project Fellow evaluating the impact of entrepreneurship training on the lives of youth in East Africa.

Dissertation Topic

My dissertation research is a multi-sited ethnographic study of scholarship recipients from the post-conflict context of Rwanda selected to pursue B.A. degrees in STEM subjects at U.S. higher education institutions through a Rwandan government supported development scholarship scheme. It examines the international learning experiences and global dilemmas faced by scholarship recipients as they strive to balance the multiple meanings, national obligations and transnational opportunities that accompany their scholarship to study outside Rwanda's borders.


Baxter, A. (2011). Higher education mission and vision in Rwanda: A comparative and critical discourse analysis. Reconsidering Development Journal, 2(2).

DeJaeghere, J. & Baxter, A. (in press). Entrepreneurship education for youth in Eastern Africa: A capabilities approach as an alternative framework to neoliberalism’s individualizing risks. Progress in Development Studies.

Baxter, A., Chapman, D., DeJaeghere, J., Pekol, A., & Weiss, T. (accepted for publication). How can entrepreneurship training offer an effective strategy for poverty reduction? A review of literature and international experience. In A. W. Wiseman (Ed.), International educational innovation and public sector entrepreneurship.

Pellowski Wiger, N., Baxter, A., Chapman, D., & DeJaeghere, J. (under review). Training is the solution only if lack of training is the problem.


Baxter, A., Panel organizer and chair. (2013, May). Session: Scholarships for Change: An exploration of motivations and experiences across stakeholder perspectives. Panel: Student perspectives: A multi-sited ethnographic case study of the Rwanda Scholarship Program. Accepted for presentation at the annual meeting of the Comparative and International Education Society, New Orleans, LA.

Baxter, A. (2013, February). Dangerous to Tell? A dissertation research data analysis consultation. Presented at the 34th annual Ethnography in Education Research Forum, The Center for Urban Ethnography, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA.

Baxter, A., Pekol, A., & Krause, B. (2012, October). The eco-system of program evaluation: Foundations, NGOs and academics. Presented at the American Evaluation Association Annual Conference in Minneapolis, MN.

Baxter, A. & DeJaeghere, J. (2012, April). A capabilities approach as a framework for learning and livelihood for youth. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Comparative and International Education Society in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Baxter, A., & Lutterman-Aguilar, A. (2011, November). Student learning abroad – At whose expense and/or benefit? Paper presented at Council on International Educational Exchange Annual Conference in New Orleans, LA.

Baxter, A., & Pike-Baky, M. (2011, May). Kneading the dough: An academic-practitioner dialogue. Presentation at the annual meeting of the Comparative and International Education Society 2011 Conference in Montreal, Canada.

Baxter, A. (2009, August). Transformation for whom? Considering the community impact of study abroad and service-learning. Paper presented at the Transformational Development Conference, Eastern University, Philadelphia, PA.

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