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Christina Ting Kwauk Christina Ting Kwauk, Ph.D.

Graduated: 2014
Hometown: Huntsville, Alabama

Previous Education

Areas of Interest


I am the research manager of the Echidna Global Scholars Program at the Center for Universal Education in The Brookings Institution. I am also preparing journal articles for publication, as well as a book manuscript.

Dissertation Title

Playing for the future: Sport & the production of healthy bodies in policy and practice


Hardin, J., Kwauk, C. (in press). Producing markets, producing people: The food environment, health and globalization in Samoa. Food, Culture and Society: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Multidisciplinary Research.

Kwuak, C. (2014). “No longer just a pastime”: Sport for development in times of change. The Contemporary Pacific, 26(2), 303-323.

Vavrus, F. & Kwauk, C. (2013). The new abolitionists? The World Bank and the 'boldness' of global school fee elimination reforms. Discourse: Studies in the Cultural Politics of Education, 34(3), 351-365.

Kwauk, C. (2012). Obesity and the "healthy living" apparatus: Discursive strategies and the struggle for power. Critical Discourse Studies, 9(1), 39-57.

Hartmann, D. & Kwauk, C. (2011). Sport and development: An overview, critique, and reconstruction. Journal of Sport and Social Issues, 35(3), 284-305.

Kwauk, C. (2011). [Review of the book Muslim women and sport, by T. Benn, G. Pfister, & H. Jawad]. Feminist Formations, 23(3), 186-188.

Kwauk, C. (2008). An Olympic education: From athletic colonization to international harmony. In R. K. Barney, M. K. Heine, K. B. Wamsley, & G. H. MacDonalds (Eds.), Pathways: Critiques and discourse in Olympic research, pp. 523-533. Ontario, Canada: International Centre for Olympic Studies.

Kwauk, C. (2007). 'Goal! The Dream Begins': Globalizing an immigration muscular Christianity. Soccer and Society, 8(1), 75-89.


Kwauk, C. (2013, February). Playing for the future: Samoan construction of sport and education. Paper presented at the 34th Ethnography in Education Research Forum, Philadelphia, PA.

Kwauk, C. (2013, February). Healthy islands through sport: Constructing neoliberal identities in an NCD crisis. Paper presented at the 2013 Annual Meeting of the Hawai'i Sociological Association, Honolulu, HI.

Kwauk, C. (2013, February). "To help my family": Samoan construction of sport for development. Paper presented at the 2013 ASAO Annual Meeting, San Antonio, TX.

Kwauk, C. (2012, April). Playing for the future: Sport and the production of "healthy bodies" in Samoa. Paper presented at the Centre for Samoan Studies Seminar Series, National University of Samoa, Apia, Samoa.

Kwauk, C. (2011, May). Sport, indigeneity, and the discursive construction of development in Samoa and American Samoa. Paper presented at the 55th Annual Conference of the Comparative and International Education Society, Montreal, Canada.

Kwauk, C. (2010, May). Physical education and the "feminist modern": Decolonizing a sport in development approach to women's empowerment. Paper presented at the 5th International Working Group World Conference on Women and Sport, Sydney, Australia.

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