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Nelson Masanche Nkhoma, Ph.D.

Graduated: 2013
Hometown: Mzuzu, Malawi

Previous Education

Areas of Interest


I am Nelson Masanche Nkhoma from Malawi, Africa. As an engaged scholar, since 2007 I have worked in Malawian high schools and colleges teaching English, literature, history, community development and HIV/AIDS management.

During my five years of work in rural Malawi, I noticed the disconnect and lack of systematic ways for monitoring and evaluating education programs. Additionally, I observed the need for local researchers and educators to grapple with the improvement of local educational programs as a way to deal with real community problems. I was convinced that knowledge of management of higher education and international development in general would equip me to carry out these kinds of work. I therefore, enrolled for a master of arts in higher education at the University of Minnesota—Twin Cities Campus with a minor concentration in CIDE international education.

Having obtained my M.A. in 2011, I expressed a need to further develop my research skills and return to Malawi to research, teach, and serve in higher education. I was thus nominated and selected as a Compton Fellow in CIDE and the Interdisciplinary Center for the Study of Global Change (ICGC). I am currently a Ph.D. candidate while working as a teaching assistant for the Global Identity Seminar and a research fellow working on a MasterCard Foundation's Learn, Earn, and Save Initiative in Tanzania.

Dissertation Topic

My dissertation research focuses on understanding what motivates faculty to perform community engagement. Faculty community engagement refers to work that engages a faculty member’s professional expertise to solve real-world problems in ways that fulfill institutional mission and are public, not proprietary.


Nkhoma, M. N., & Weiss, T.G. (March, 2013). The savings and investment practices of economically vulnerable and young Tanzanians, Paper presented at the Annual conference of the Comparative International Education Society (CIES) New Orleans, LA

Nkhoma, N. M., & Kamata, T. (February, 2012). Asia aids Africa? An assessment of Japan’s official development aid to Malawi through Mathematics and Science Education. Paper presented at Inaugural International Research Conference University of Minnesota Minneapolis, MN

Nkhoma M. N. (September, 2007). History of water provision in urban centers: a case of Mzuzu city 1946-2006. Paper presented at University of Livingstonia Historical Researcher Symposium Malawi, Africa.

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