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Xinyi WuXinyi Wu, Ph.D.

Graduated: 2014
Hometown: Nanjing, China

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Born and raised in China, I have studied and worked in the United States for about ten years. Prior to joining the CIDE program, I was a Chinese teacher in California for about four years. My previous experiences have inspired me to study the cultures of disadvantaged or marginalized population and encouraged me to help people in need. Therefore, my research has always been around ethnic minority students in China, especially on their challenges and difficulties of gaining equal education. I want to capture how ethnic minority students struggle, overcome, and achieve in all aspects of education. I am also interested in how ethnic minorities' identities are being constructed and negotiated in this process and how their identities affect their engagement in schooling. In addition, I am also exploring discourse analysis of policy documents to challenge the take-for-granted interpretations in education.

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