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Frequently Asked Questions about the HRD Undergraduate Internship

Guidelines | Checklist | Fact Sheet for Supervisors

Portfolio Deadline

Submit Fall portfolios to the course Moodle site by December 18, 2017.

Reminder: You must have your applied experience approved by the course instructor prior to starting.

What is the minimum number of credits I must complete?
The required minimum is 4 credits. Every HRD major must complete a 4-credit internship in their field.

How do I get an internship?
(1) Networking, networking, networking! (2) Review your class materials from OLPD 3696. Strategies for finding internships and first jobs were covered at length in the curriculum. (3) If you still need assistance after having reviewed those materials, please make an individual appointment with your course instructor or your HRD advisers to create a more concrete plan of action. (4) Visit Career Services in 360 Education Sciences Building.

Can I use my current employer for my internship?
Yes, students often use their current place of employment for their internship experience. However, the work of the internship must constitute a "new" work experience for the student, and cannot be composed of tasks and duties that he/she has been carrying out previously. New duties, a new project, a new process, or a new division/department must be involved because new learning must be involved. Please talk to the course instructor further about the details of the situation.

Can I do more than one internship?
Yes, however any additional internships you complete may not be used for credits toward your degree requirements in the HRD major.

Will all 4 credits count towards the required 23 credits in the major?
Yes, only 4 credits will count towards the required 23 credits in the HRD major.

What should my supervisor include in his/her letter of evaluation?
Please see Fact Sheet for Site Supervisors.

I had a great internship last term. Can I receive retroactive credit for that experience?
Retroactive credit is not granted. The internship must be something that the student plans to do in the immediate future, and all details must be approved of in writing (on the Internship Contract).

If I already have HRD experience, do I still need to take the internship?
Generally, the internship will not be waived. While you may have some experience in the field or in a related HRM field, there is always room to learn more. The goal of this program is to develop well-rounded HRD students who are capable of working across the field of HRD. If you have further questions, please contact your course instructor.

What if my internship includes some HRM tasks?
The process steps must be those that represent HRD work. However, because HRD and HRM are often closely related, you may be required by your site supervisors to include some HRM tasks as well. That is okay – just exclude those HRM tasks from your HRD time log.

My project contains some confidential or proprietary information. What should I do about that?
The Department is committed to honoring confidentiality. To this end, we can delete the entire portfolio after grading. We are also willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement if the organization requires it.

Course Instructor

Alexandra Willetts

Revised September 15, 2017