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Fact Sheet for Site Supervisors of OLPD 4696 Undergraduate Internship

Guidelines | FAQ | Checklist

Portfolio Deadline

Submit Fall portfolios to the course Moodle site by December 18, 2017.

Reminder: You must have your applied experience approved by the course instructor prior to starting.

General Information

The purpose of the internship is to provide the student with an opportunity to engage in real-life human resource development (HRD) experiences under the supervision of HRD practitioners from industry, for-profit or non-profit business, or government.

While the internship may be job related and conducted at the student's place of employment, the activities must be above and beyond normal job responsibilities. Students are encouraged to limit activities to those that can be achieved within a semester. HRD activities include training and development and organization development.

The department encourages host sites to pay student interns; however, there may be times when a non-paid internship is appropriate.

The Role of the Student

The Role of the Internship Instructor

The Role of the Site Supervisor

Course Instructor

Alexandra Willetts

Revised September 15, 2017